Downy Layer- Natural

  • $17.00

Soft, fluffy wool makes the perfect soft layer for baby. This is non-felted wool, so it can pull apart if care is not taken. Recommended to use wraps/diapers with this layer since it can become difficult to clean. 

To clean, soak in cool to warm water. You may add wool safe detergent if you wish. I like to press/squish the wool into a large sink to remove any dirt. Taking care not to scrub or agitate the wool. Rinse thoroughly. Felting can occur if you scrub, agitate, or "shock" the wool by using hot water or extreme temperature differences in water. If there are any care questions, please feel free to message me. 

Product is sold by weight. 3.5-4oz. Rough measurements are 28-34"x20"  Thicker Layers are generally shorter. I do not manipulate these from original form other than to separate at the correct weighted piece. 


Stunning in Use from Michelle Clark Photography

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